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Bhutan is not only rich in Cultures but also rich in Biodiversity. It is known around the World as a host for many endangered species and also to those which are not found anywhere on Earth. In this post, we would like to present you 7 Charismatic Animals of Bhutan.

1. Takin

Takins are found in small family groups of around 20 individuals, although older males may lead more solitary existences. In the summer, herds of up to 300 individuals gather high on the mountain slopes. Groups often appear to occur in largest numbers when favorable feeding sites, salt licks, or hot springs are located.

2. Tiger

Adult tigers lead largely solitary lives. They establish and maintain territories but have much wider home ranges within which they roam. Resident adults of either sex generally confine their movements to their home ranges, within which they satisfy their needs and those of their growing cubs. Individuals sharing the same area are aware of each other’s movements and activities.

3. Golden Langur

Spotted in the area of Black Mountains of Bhutan. For the most part, the langur is confined to high trees where its long tail serves as a balancer when it leaps across branches. During the rainy season, it obtains water from dew and rain drenched leaves. Its diet is herbivorous, consisting of ripe and unripe fruits, mature and young leaves, seeds, buds, and flowers.


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