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If you have planned your trip to Bhutan, I am sure that you have already pictured the destinations and attractions in back of your mind. Yes I know, and you have heard it right, Bhutan is indeed a beautiful country with so many things to do and see. But there are also 5 things what not to expect in Bhutan.

1. Metro Station and Train Services

As Bhutan is mountainous country, which you already know, we don’t have metro-stations or train services. Most of the iconic tourist attractions places are high up in the mountains where hiking is the only means to explore. Which is Good News, you will have a good exercise and be able to breath fresh airs from the Himalayas.

2. Luxurious hotels

If you are a person who likes luxurious resorts, then sorry, we have very few Luxurious Hotels, and most of them are in Western Bhutan. But you know what, stay in a cozy homestay and experience the life of a Person living in a Happy Country.

3. Shopping Centers

There aren’t many showrooms and fancy shopping centers in and around yet. You can walk to the shops around, and you will find unique handicrafts which you can take back home as a souvenir. And remember that not many stores have POS services.

4. Skydiving/ Bungee jump

If you are an adventurous, sporty traveler, well we don’t have skydiving and bungee jumping, but we do have rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and most robust trekking in the World.

5. Cinema Theatre screening Hollywood

If one of your long-awaited Hollywood movies is getting released on your travel days, we do have cinema theatres in the towns, but only the local Bhutanese films are screened, sometimes with subtitles. Well, you have the list that you should not expect in Bhutan when you are here. But I am sure that you didn’t come here for that. So enjoy the mountains, abundant Buddhist cultures, and the fresh environment.


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