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Tour Payment

How To Transfer Money to Bhutan

The only way you can transfer your tour money to Bhutan is to wire transferred through a bank or credit card is accepted.Your tour money wired to Bhutan will be deposited into Department of Immigration’s bank account maintained with Bhutan National Bank; not directly to your tour operator’s personal bank account.However, remind your bank at the time of wiring your tour money to reflect your tour operators name and its bank account number as the ultimate beneficiary, so that once your money gets deposited into Department of Immigration’s account, they will figure out on behalf of which tour operators the money has been deposited.Your tour money to Bhutan have to wire transfer prior to your arrival in Bhutan and failing to do so will result in Department of Immigration not issuing your visa. Only after receiving your full tour payment along with visa fee, Department of Immigration will issue your visa clearance letter to visit Bhutan.Your Tour money will remain with Department of Immigration till you have left Bhutan. Your tour operator will get access to the money only after your departure from Bhutan.

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